The stock market in times of Covid 19

A few days ago, Zebra BI asked if we could help build a Power BI report showing the impact of Covid 19 on the stock market.

Of course we got to work immediately and were able to develop a great report in cooperation with the Zebra BI team, which has now been published.

We mainly took care of loading data from Yahoo Finance so the report is always up to date. This shows that the Internet can also serve as a data source.

The result is impressive, or what do you think? You quickly get a good insight into the influence of the Corona crisis on the stock market.


More information about the report is available directly on the Zebra BI website.

One more thing… We took on the challenge to create a similar report with Zebra BI for Excel and this is the result

Disclaimer: Data is automatically refreshed from Yahoo Finance. We don’t take responsibility for the accuracy of the data



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