HTML Text Styler visual for Power BI

What the HTML Text Styler can add to your report:

  • Fully customized KPI cards.
  • Fully customized Tables.
  • Videos and animated GIFs.
  • Dynamic text.

The advantages of using the HTML Text styler:

  • One visual to solve many problems.
  • The combination of DAX and HTML lets you do powerful stuff.
  • It's fun to use 🤩

What we offer:

  • Free support!
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • FAQ
  • Free demo sessions
  • Continuous improvement of the visual
  • Free trial license so you can test the full functionality.
  • We are implementing Power BI solutions for our clients on a daily basis so we really know what's missing in reports and try to cover this with our own visuals.

Use the buttons in the report below see how you can improve your report with our Power BI HTML visual

This demo report can also be downloaded from here so in case you want to create a similar element, you don't need to create the code yourself but simply copy ours.

Watch this video to see what can be done our Power BI HTML visual.

And remember: That that's not all...

Below you can find a couple of examples of what can be done with the visual. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the creativity of report developer.

Download the HTML Text Styler directly from the Microsoft AppSource and test it with a free trial license.

Use the link below or download the visual directly in Power BI Desktop. Visit the FAQ page to find out how this can be done.


Unlimited read-only users are included for free. Only report developers need a license. For Power BI Premium users, please get in touch to receive your individual price quote.

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