The HTML Text Styler is extremely versatile and can improve every single Power BI Report!

Advantages of the HTML Text Styler:

  • If a data source with comments exists, it can be loaded and displayed in the visual. 
  • There's no need to load comments because all elements can be created directly in Power BI using DAX and HTML.
  • KPI cards can be designed exactly the way you want them.
  • Tables can be designed exactly the way you want them. It's even possible to add images and other elements into tables.
  • Videos and animated GIFs can be embedded.
  • DAX measures can be used to create dynamic text which changes depending on the user's selections.
  • HTML is used to dynamically format the text and highlight the parts which the user should focus on.
  • The visual can be used directly in the report or as a tooltip which shows additional insights when the user hovers over a visual.
  • Text and images can be combined in one visual which reduces the number of visuals.
  • The combination of DAX and HTML leads to endless possibilities.
  • It's fun to use 🤩

Using the HTML Text styler means that EVERY person looking at the report:

  • immediately understands the message of the report.
  • can apply filters and see comments related to the selections made in the report.
  • gets much more insights by reading about what has happened and looking at the values at the same time.

Use the buttons in the sample report below to navigate in the report and see what you can do with the HTML Text Styler

Watch this video to see some samples of what can be done with the HTML Text Styler. And remember: That that's not all...

Below you can find a couple of examples of what can be done with the visual. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the creativity of the report builder.

Some basic knowledge of HTML helps to use the visual but there's absolutely no need to be an HTML expert. There are many online tools that convert formatted rich text to HTML. You could also use Microsoft PowerApps to enter text and save it in HTML in a SharePoint list or the database of your choice.

We can show you all this in a free online demo.

Do you need help getting started with the visual or are looking for a solution to a specific problem? Take a look at the Knowledge Base to learn how to use the visual.

Download the HTML Text Styler directly from the Microsoft AppSource marketplace and test all functions with a free test license.

Use the link below or download the visual directly in Power BI Desktop. Visit the FAQ page to find out how this can be done.


Unlimited read-only users are included for free. Only people which use the visual in Power BI Desktop or create reports in Power BI Service are counted as users. For Power BI Premium users, please get in touch to receive your individual price quote.

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