LucaNet & K Team

Connect LucaNet with our Power BI Template App

LucaNet is a fantastic financial performance management software. With our Template App for Power BI, you can get even more out of LucaNet. The App contains several pages which provide lots of insights. this allows you to quickly see the financial performance and make appropriate business decisions.
In the latest version of the report, we've added a comment functionality. This will further improve the readability as the responsible people are now able to add comments to the report and explain the results.

The template shows the most important financial key figures but of course, we know that every company has very specific needs. Therefore, you can define some of the parameters yourself. If this is not enough, we're always happy to design a customer-specific report just for you.

We now invite you to look at the demo report below. When you're ready to connect your own data, let us know by sending us an email.