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Power BI

Power BI is a fantastic Business Intelligence tool and the fact that it’s a Microsoft product and is therefore fully integrated with Microsoft 365 makes it the perfect choice for all sizes of companies.

We can take over all phases of a Power BI Project. We can create a concept, take care of the data load, get your data into shape and create state of the art reports which bring huge added value to the end-users. But it doesn't stop there, we can also take care of setting up authorization roles, make sure that power users and end-users get the right training, and provide support services.

The main goal of every Power BI report should be that the end-users quickly get the main message, can make analysis directly in the report, and then make the right business decisions. To make sure this is the case, we rely on two custom visuals which can create the perfect report when combined.

One of the visuals we use, the HTML Text Styler, shows comments with dynamic content and style to make it extremely easy for the end-user to get the message of the report in seconds.

On top of that, we have a strong partnership with Zebra BI and also use their visuals which can do absolutely amazing things that are impossible with other visuals.

HTML VizCreator Cert (old name: HTML Text Styler)

The person looking at a Power BI report must understand the main message of the report straight away. This is sometimes hard to achieve when only using visuals, charts, and tables. This is why we have developed the HTML Text Styler visual for Power BI which helps you to add fully dynamic comments to Power BI.

There's no need to load HTML comments or even have any HTML skills.

The best way to get started with the visual is with a free one-on-one demo session where we show you some of the endless things you can do with it. The free demo session can be booked here

Zebra BI

Our partner company Zebra BI offers custom visuals for Power BI but also a brilliant Add-in for Excel. Zebra BI reports are according to IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) so they make sure the reports are understandable and actionable.

We use the Zebra BI visuals in most of our projects, simply because after we give a free demo, all our customers are convinced that this is a fantastic product.

Book your free demo and we'll show you live, how easy it is to create stunning reports with Zebra BI.