Power BI Competition

Create your very own KPI Card and win a prize!

With our custom visuals for Power BI, the HTML Text Styler and the HTML & CSS Viewer it is possible to easily design custom KPI cards as well as a wide range of other elements.


We would love to see your ideas and what you can create with our visuals! If you want to be part of the competition, submit a PBIX file with your personal KPI Card created with either the HTML Text Styler or the HTML & CSS Viewer and send it to info@kteam.ch

We will announce the winners at the end of May 2022


Everybody sending us a PBIX file with a KPI card that was designed with one of our visuals will receive a 1-year license for our visuals free of charge.

1st place: 100 USD Amazon voucher

2nd place: 50 USD Amazon voucher

3rd place: 25 USD Amazon voucher

How to get started

Our sample reports already contain a couple of KPI cards. This can be a good starting point so please go ahead and download the PBIX files.

If you want to learn how to create KPI cards with our visuals, these YouTube videos explain a couple of different ways how this can be done.

Using a card from the sample report and adjusting it

Creating a (table) KPI card in Excel and moving it to Power BI

If you need help, please visit:

Terms and Conditions

By taking part in this competition, you agree to the terms and conditions