Phone call links in Power BI

Did you know that you can add a hyperlink or button to your Power BI report, that lets you start a phone call directly from within the report?

This is a functionality that has been requested for a long time because it’s simply not possible to do with native Power BI functionality. But luckily, with the help of our custom visuals, this becomes very easy. Using ‘tel’ links in Power BI eliminates the need to copy and paste phone numbers from one tool to another. Just click a button, and your calling software will automatically start a call.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of how to create these links, but of course, you have the full flexibility about how to set this up in your report. It could be done with a simple hyperlink or a fancy formatted button. Anything is possible.

The structure of a Phone/Telephone/Mobile Link in Power BI

<a href=’tel:+41791111111′>Call me</a>

The sample report, which you can download below, contains exactly this code in measure “make phone call link”

The hyperlink contains 2 elements, which should be linked to the data model using DAX. The phone number that should be called (+41791111111) and the content of the hyperlink (Call me). The sample report contains different ways these links can be used and integrated into the data model. Simply click through the visuals, take a look at the DAX code and see what works best in your specific case. You can then copy and paste the DAX code into your report and make adjustments to it.

If something doesn’t work as planned, our support is happy to help you out.


Next up, we recommend looking at how to combine HTML and DAX and lear how to create HTML tables.


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