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Embedding videos directly into Power BI reports is a great way to show the user how to use the report, to showcase the product the report is about or any other reason you can think of. 


Below you can find a report which contains an embedded video. We also used Power BI bookmarks which allow you to show or hide the video by clicking a button.

Getting the embed code

Please note that depending on the location of the video, the embed code looks different so we can’t share a solutions which works for every case. What we’ll show you is the code which was used in the sample report. To find the code for your specific video, you need to navigate to the platform where the video is stored and get the embed code from there. You should find the embed code in the sharing options for the video. Unfortunately, not every video platform allows embedding videos and there’s not much we can do about that. If you have an issue like this, you might want to try a different platform. ❗ Videos don’t play in Power BI Desktop but only in published reports in Power BI Service

Change the embed code

There are a couple of things you will need to change in the embed code to make it work properly. Somewhere in your embed code, you will most likely see a setting for the width of the video. Whatever number you see in this part of the code, you should replace it with 100% so the video uses the full width. You will also need to replace all double quotation marks with single quotations marks The only double quotations marks you can have in the measure are in the very beginning and in the end. Take a look at the code in the screenshot above to see the different types of quotation

Format Settings

To make sure the video is using the full size of the visual, make sure the Full Width option is activated. Note that this option is only available when a valid license key has been entered.

As always, is doesn’t matter if you load the code into your Power BI data model or simply create a measure for it. The result is exactly the same. We’ve used a measure as this is the way we normally due it but this is due to personal preferences.
Now we wish you fun with embedding videos into your report. And in case this doesn’t work for you, reach out to
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