HTML Text Styler visual for Microsoft Power BI and why we developed it

Yes that’s right, K Team Solutions has started to develop custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI. And the reason why we did this is quite simple. We are involved in many Power BI projects so we see a lot of different reports from different people and they all miss the same thing…


The goal of every Power BI report should be that the end-user looking at it immediately understands the main message. Is the business doing good or bad? Is the result above or below the budget or the previous year? And why is the result the way it is and what can we do to improve it? Some of these questions can be answered by visualizing the data, others can only be answered with text.


Wouldn’t it be easier to see the main message October 2020 EBIT + 102 above Budget in the top left corner in the form of text? Having the most important information in easy to understand text on top of the report does make sense, doesn’t it?


Creating this dynamic Text with native Power BI functionality is not a problem. All it takes is some DAX and a Card visual. But what if you want to also format the text dynamically to make it even clearer. October 2020 EBIT +102 above budget even clearer shows, that everything is under control because we know, what’s formated green, is good.


What about October 2020 EBIT -35 below budget? Every single user looking at a report where this red formatted text is on the top, immediately knows that something is not right. The result is below the budget! This rings your inner alarm bell and you look at the report way differently than when you first need to find out what the result is.


Being able to add dynamic text which is also highlighted in different colors can massively improve the readability of your report. But this is by far not the only advantage of the HTML Text Styler.


There are nearly endless possibilities of what you can do with the HTML Text Styler. The list below contains just a few examples

  • Create dynamic tables and style them exactly the way you want
  • Create your own KPI Card visual. There are quite a few KPI custom visuals out there and surely, they are all doing their job. But sometimes, you might like to change the design, behavior, calculation, or something else but there’s simply no option for that. Well, why not design your very own KPI card using some HTML?
  • Embed videos and animated GIFs in your report. This allows you to improve your reports tremendously as many users prefer to watch a video over reading about a certain topic.
  • There’s much more! 



Check out the sample report below. Each page contains features of the HTML Text Styler. Are you missing something? let us know and we’ll build it for you!


Do you want to learn more about the visual? Below are a couple of links  for you

Main page
Knowledge Base
Microsoft AppSource
Sample Report
Demo Booking



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