The HTML & CSS Viewer is a must-have for every Power BI Developer

What the HTML & CSS Viewer can add to your report:

  • Your very own custom visualization.
  • Fully customized KPI cards.
  • Fully customized Tables.
  • Videos and animated GIFs.
  • Dynamic SVG images or animations.
  • Much more....

The advantages of using the HTML & CSS Viewer:

Make sure to navigate through the sample report below to see different elements that were all created with the HTML & CSS Viewer

Below you can find a couple of examples of what can be done with the visual. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the creativity of the report builder.

Download the HTML & CSS Viewer and test it with a free trial license.

Visit the FAQ page to find out how to import the visual to Power BI Desktop.


Since the HTML & CSS Viewer Visual is new and we still collect your feedback, we offer it for free for a limited time.

The backend licensing workflow is also still in development but please just email and request a license and we'll create one and send it to you.