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When you talk about the HR department, everyone has the feeling of knowing which tasks are being performed every day. HR employees mostly only deal with writing advertisements, conducting interviews, handing out rejection letters, hiring someone from time to time and paying the wages once a month.

However, the reality is very different. In the HR department, too, precise analyzes are a must, because for the future of every company it is essential to know how the staff is doing and what measures are required.

For example, it is certainly interesting to know how the average age of employees develops. If the average age is 60 years, an upcoming problem is inevitable.

The fluctuation trend is certainly also interesting. Are there particularly many layoffs in a specific department?

Or, of course, a very current issue: what is the quota for women and is there gender equality?

In order to answer these questions, a lot of time and manual effort has so to be invested. Until now!

The following showcase shows how simple and intuitive the evaluation of company data can be. Note that the whole report is interactive, which means that when you click on a chart, the rest of the report is automatically filtered.

As an example, we ask ourselves the following questions:

In which department do we have to expect retirement soon? Is it mainly women or men who retire?

This analysis looks like this:


Would you like to navigate directly in the report and change the data filter? No problem, the report is online and available here:

Link to the live report

Do you work in the HR department and find this article interesting? Let us know, we look forward to any feedback.


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