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Benefits of having Stripe data in Power BI

It is not easy to manage a company and keep up with the numbers, reports, and analytics. We have a lot of accurate data, but...

The stock market in times of Covid 19

A few days ago, Zebra BI asked if we could help build a Power BI report showing the impact of Covid 19 on the stock...

Why (almost) every Power BI report needs a date table?

It happens too often that Power BI reports show incorrect values ​​or don't work at all due to a missing date table. This article is...

HR Reporting with Power BI

When you talk about the HR department, everyone has the feeling of knowing which tasks are being performed every day. HR employees mostly only deal...

Meaningful Excel charts

Inserting a simple chart into an Excel file is not a problem. Unfortunately, charts are mostly left in the standard design of Excel. This is...

Adapt SAP reports to the needs of the customer

SAP comes with a few predefined reports. However, these reports only rarely meet the requirements of the business. It is often the case that you...

Interactive reporting with Excel

Excel is the software with which every employee in finance department has experience. So why not build reporting with Excel? With the help of a...