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K Team Solutions has been up and running for over 5 years now and we completed many interesting projects for clients from different industries. With the outbreak of Covid 19, we saw that many companies wanted (or needed) to invest in digitalization and that led to quite a lot of new projects for us. New and existing clients wanted to have state-of-the-art reporting systems implemented and move their data to the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere. So we took on new clients and new projects but had to realize that the K Team was simply too small to handle all the additional workload.

This is why we have established BI Samurai

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Within BI Samurai, we partner with BI experts from around the globe. But not anybody can become a BI Samurai. Every member of the BI Samurai team has been hand-picked so we can ensure that our clients get the best quality of work. These experts add more know-how, more power, and more flexibility to K Team. Our main focus is still the implementation of Power BI solutions. With more team members we can also provide more services because each and every BI Samurai has some sort of special skill.

Get to know some of the BI Samurais:

Florian – Our Power App hero
Sheb – Power BI expert who also specializes in providing training
Oriana – Power BI developer who likes to tell stories with data
George – There’s nothing he can’t do in SQL and DAX
Vlad – He can handle any Power BI issue and no dataset is too big for him
Ben – Microsoft MVP that knows everything about MS Projects and how to include it in Power BI

What does this mean for our clients?

The processes we have set up with our clients are still the same. Everything we do for them is delivered by K Team Solutions. We simply have our own team of experts (BI Samurais) that can take over or support us in our projects.

Visit to learn more about the added skills and who the Samurais are

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